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April 29, 2024

Here are a few tips if you run into a problem joining the Zoom meeting.
For the safety of our community, we are conducting our meetings online until conditions permit us to resume assembling in person.
Monday April 29th at 7 PM

Winning Back Reproductive Freedom - and Democracy!

Hannah Wheelwright
Hannah Wheelwright, Senior Policy Mgr, Indivisible

Without freedom over our own bodily autonomy, healthcare options, let alone the choice to give birth or not, women's power is being critically (and intentionally) attacked.

And because the fight for more democracy and more justice for more people is inextricably tied to the fight for women's reproductive freedom, Indivisible National has, for the first time, hired a Director of Reproductive Freedom!

Come hear Hannah Wheelwright, Indivisible's new Senior Policy Manager, talk about the powerful strategies Indivisible will be unveiling (with OUR help!) to win back reproductive freedom, along with the House, the Senate and the Whitehouse this November!

Winning Back Reproductive Freedom & Democracy!
Hannah Wheelwright, Senior Policy Director, Indivisible
Monday, April 29th, 7 - 8 pm ET on Zoom
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Bring your questions, your friends, your worries and your outrage!
Saturday May 18th  3-4:30 PM

In-Person, Activist Afternoon!
25 Mountain Laurel Path, Florence
(Pathways Cohousing)

Whether you're panicked, outraged, worried, confident or some of all of the above depending on the hour - ACTION is the antidote to anxiety and the engine of change!

Join like-minded progressives for an afternoon of ACTION along with schmoozing, snacking and connecting in person!

There'll be opportunities for writing Postcards, Vote Forward Letters, learning about our phonebanking campaign, writing letters to the editor and more!

Sign up at this Mobilize link, bring friends, and let's save democracy the best way of all - together!

In Person Activist Afternoon!
Saturday, May 18th, 3-4:30pm
Pathways Cohousing
25 Mountain Laurel Path, Florence
Sign up here!
Building is accessible, but please park on the road, if you can.
Here's the link to sign up
Thursdays, from 5-7pmET on Zoom

Call for Fair Maps in Ohio
& a Blue Senate in D.C.
Thursdays, from 5-7pmET on zoom - always with a full training and loads of support!

Ohio is one of the must-hold Senate seats to make sure we keep the Senate blue in November.

We're getting a head start by calling Ohioans NOW, to educate and motivate them about a game-changing anti-gerrymandering petition that the voters can get onto their November ballot- and so finally end the unfair stranglehold on power by that state's GOP.  (As Andrea Chalupa of Gaslit Nation says, "These are not red states, they are 'hostage' states".)

Not only will this transform Ohio politics in the long run - but right now, these calls are already helping to build out the on-the-ground infra-structure needed to re-elect Sen. Sherrod Brown!

Join us on Zoom, as we call Ohioans to let them know about this transformative amendment and encourage them to do all they can to get it on the November ballot and support democracy in Ohio! 

We'll be using the platform Open VPB (don't worry if that doesn't mean anything to you!), so you'll need a computer and a phone.

As always, we'll have a full training at the beginning of the bank for all who'd like that; and all are welcome!
Thursdays, 5-7pmET
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After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.
Arizona Voter Registration Campaign

Our next postcard campaign will go out to citizens in another crucial swing state in the upcoming November elections–Arizona.  Once again, it’s a state in which the Presidential election, the US Senate majority and the US House majority all hang in the balance. The state house and state senate majorities as well are within reach, which could lead to the first Democratic trifecta in Arizona in over seven decades.

In addition, an abortion amendment will likely be on the ballot this year. We need Arizonans to come out and show their overwhelming support for women's right to choose and enshrine that right in the state constitution.

This is a chance to help register voters to ensure that pro-democracy, pro-choice citizens in Arizona will have a voice in the upcoming election.

Registering voters and encouraging them to sign up for mail-in voting are two of the most effective actions you can take in the early months of this election year. In this campaign, we are asking voters to do both, as newly registered voters are much more likely to cast their ballots if they can do so from the comfort of their own homes.

Sign up here to reserve your packet.  You will be notified when the cards are ready for pickup (probably by the end of the month).  A copy of the script and the card is below; organizers request that we complete and mail these postcards within 2 weeks of receiving them.

Thank you for your defense of democracy!
Marta, for Indivisible Northampton-Swing Left Western Mass

Script:  Register to vote today.  Can you ask 3 friends to do the same?  (your first name)

Vote Forward's 2024 letter-writing campaigns are underway and IN-SLWM will be with them all the way. Here’s how it works:
  • Volunteers get pre-printed letters to voters with messages encouraging them to vote, which may include urging them to vote by mail, or vote early if in person, or something similar. Volunteers add a personal message, usually about why voting is important or their own reasons for being voters. They can get their letters delivered by email to print at home or work, or by picking up printed letters at designated sites around our area.
  • Letters are held for mailing in October. Some volunteers prefer to drop off their finished letters at one of our pickup/dropoff sites for storage.
  • Volunteers generally provide their own envelopes (#10) and first-class stamps. IN-SLWM has some funds available to subsidize those who can’t afford the costs.
We provide letters to most volunteers on a weekly basis, either by email or printed for pickup. Volunteers decide how many letters they want to get each week, and can change that number at any time; they can also pause letter writing as needed, or “retire” if they’re unable to continue.

We already have more than 40 volunteers at work preparing letters.
If you would like to participate, fill out our Google Form at

If you have any questions, write to Michael.
In the Streets

Call on Costco to drop dirty bank Citi as its credit card partner because of Citi’s role in funding catastrophic climate change.

Did you know?

Costco’s credit cards are issued by Citi - one of the dirtiest banks on the planet. Citi pumps billions into building new oil, gas, and coal projects that are creating toxic air pollution and worsening deadly fires, floods, hurricanes, and extreme heat. Since 2016, Citi has provided more than $332 billion in financing to polluting fossil fuel companies, threatening our homes, our jobs and our lives. Costco is a big, popular company -- more than 30% of Americans are Costco shoppers (and who doesn't love the free samples!). Its motto is "do the right thing", and it's already made several climate commitments. Costco can continue to solidify its lovable brand by dropping its toxic partnership with Citi.

What Costco must do

Costco, as a huge client of Citi, can contribute to climate solutions by telling Citi if it doesn’t stop funding fossil fuels, then Costco will drop the bank as its credit card issuer. Costco should not let Citi undermine its own climate actions or harm Costco members, workers, or communities who are being devastated by climate impacts.

What you can do

Sign this petition to tell Costco that it needs to drop Citi as its credit card issuer if Citi doesn’t clean up its act. Costco has a history of listening to its paying members and caring about its public reputation. So, let’s make sure Costco hears from members and non-members alike! By signing this petition you will be taking a stand for a healthier future for your family, your friends and your community.

Learn more in Bill McKibben's blog post here that includes FAQs about Why Costco, What you can do with your Costco-Citi Anywhere Visa Card, and more about this campaign.
Other Ways to Pitch In
As May approaches here’s where we stand. Our overall total, including matches, is just over $18,200. Contributions have generated more than $6,800 in matches. In other words, the fund drive is moving ahead and doing well. Thank you to everyone who has donated so far, and of course a very big THANK YOU to the donors who pledged $10,000 to our matching fund.

The fund drive continues, but on Mute. I am taking a break from my reminder emails so that we at IN-SLWM can raise money for our own activities. (You can still donate to our funds while I’m on this break: Give to Movement Voter PAC and Swing Left’s Win Back the House Fund.)

Please see Marta Lev's appeal to for financial support for her stellar work organizing postcard campaigns.

Please support us in this effort as so many of you have supported the fund drive I’ve been leading. I’ll be back with my periodic reminders once we’ve met our goal for IN-SLWM.

In gratitude and solidarity, 
Michael Dover

Michael Dover
The Feminist Action Team
of Indivisible Mass Coalition
Fridays at 4PM on Zoom 
Join feminists from the Berkshires to the Cape as we plan and implement actions to protect and expand our rights!  Currently, we're working to expose the deceptive practices of fake abortion clinics (aka CPC's) and strengthen women's autonomy here in MA and across the country! 'See the description of our exciting March 24th documentary screening and discussion event above

Check out our continuously updated Post ROE Action Toolkit, and come to our next meeting, at this link: 
The Friday Action Group
On Wed evenings at 8 pm or Fri mornings at 9 am, join Paul Spector and activists from across the country to collaborate on helping Democrats win elections. At Paul's meetings, you will... 
  • hear upbeat political news
  •  share questions and comments
  •  learn about new political actions
  •  support fundraisers with special guests -- such as Swing Left, Movement Voter Project, Flip the Senate, New Georgia Project, and Bucks County Democrats
  • hear inspiring music (mostly from Playing for Change). 
Here’s the link to the group's website:

Folks find his meetings educational, uplifting, and hopeful, and it's wonderful to see 50-100 other people at each of the two meetings. To check out the meeting, come Wednesday at 8 p.m. or Friday at 9 a.m. EDT, to this Zoom room:
Letters to the Editor (LTE) Writing Team
Adopt, Amend, & Send Out-Your Letter to the Editor 
Tuesday, May 7th, 7-8 PM

Our team is dedicated to writing letters to the editors of our local newspapers and sharing them with others to send to their newspapers, too.

Letters to the Editor (LTE’s) are effective in sharing our progressive views widely with our neighbors and community. They often attract the attention of our political leaders too, and we already have had several published.  

Our goal is to motivate ourselves and others to write valuable, high-quality LTE’s on topics which are important to us, and get them published locally and across the state. (Maybe nationally in the future). You can see some of our past work on our web page.

We meet every two weeks on Tuesdays at 7:00pm (on Zoom) to strategize and plan. Our next meeting is Tuesday, May 7th at 7PM. 

Here's the zoom link:
IN-SLWM Climate Team 

The Climate Team has evolved into a new format. We’ve started a Google Group with free exchange among team members – sharing resources like links to climate-related articles and forwarding emails from climate activist groups, discussing climate topics, and continuing to post action alerts.  

For more information contact Michael Dover at
IN-SLWM Young VotersTeam
Thursday, May 2nd at 7:30 PM 
 We are working to develop collaborations with local student groups at the various colleges in our area. We meet every 2 weeks on Thursday. Our next Zoom meeting is on Thursday, May 2nd at 7:30. We welcome new members. 

For more information, please contact Joel Rosen at
Postcard Team
Donate for Democracy!! Support the postcard campaigns of Indivisible Northampton-Swing Left Western Mass
  • Postcards are by far the most popular action that we at IN-SLWM do. An average of 80+ volunteers show up regularly to prepare and send postcards to voters. Since February, we’ve distributed 45,000 postcards to voters in five states.
  • Postcards have been shown to be effective in helping to power candidates and policies over the finish line in closely contested races.
  • IN-SLWM has been underwriting campaigns–about $250-300 per campaign. We have raised over $1000 so far, but that will only cover the costs of three campaigns - through early June. We need at least twice that to get through October and to continue to make this essential work more accessible to all.
  • So there are three reasons we need your donations:
    1. Postcards are effective and cost-effective. No other action reaches as many voters in every campaign.
    2. If we can offer the postcards for free and provide some subsidies for volunteers who need help with postage costs, we will continue to have a large and energized community of volunteers, some of whom will expand their participation to include other actions.
    3. Your donation will help us continue to offer subsidies to make the work more accessible to all.
Donate here!!

Consider becoming a monthly donor to support our postcard campaigns. If we had just 20 people pledging $5 a month, or 10 people pledging $10 a month, between now and the election, that would pay for at least two more postcard campaigns. Twice as many donors and we go flat out to Election Day!!!
Where Are The Men?
On March 12, the Grassroots Collaboration Project hosted a Zoom meeting with activist men to discuss a pressing issue in this critical election year: Where are the men?

Beginning in 2016, a grassroots movement formed to protect our freedoms and rescue America from the MAGA threat. That movement has been phenomenally successful. And it’s driven almost entirely by women. That raises the question: Where are the men? What are the reasons for the imbalance? What barriers are holding men back and how do we remove those barriers?

I've been asking where the men are since I helped found Swing Left Pioneer Valley, which has since merged with Indivisible Northampton to form IN-SLWM. I see the names of our volunteers and donors, and they're mostly women. Even though I'm very happy to see women leading the charge as they do so often in the grassroots movement, I wonder why I don’t see more men among us.

Our meeting on the 12th bought almost 30 men together for a conversation about why we don’t see more men in our movement and what to do about it. My fellow steering committee member, Pat Bukowski, and I attended and heard a lot of stories and speculation around these questions, but no concrete recommendations. There needs to be more discussion and thinking around next steps before that can happen.

In addition to Pat and me, there were two other men from the Valley. We're hoping to organize a local gathering of activist men for sometime later this year, with the idea of coming up with some concrete ways in which we can encourage men in our area to join the effort to save democracy (and the planet while we're at it). Watch our newsletter, email alerts, and Facebook posts for more information as our plans develop. If you'd like join in or have questions or suggestions, please contact me at

Michael Dover
Welcome Back 413-Staying Connected!

After a year's hiatus, 413 Staying Connected is back to provide up-to-date information about 2024 national races and the activities available to help with these campaigns, as well as actions, demonstrations, and meetings of our local activist groups.  
Our presence on Facebook has expanded, with more political commentary. Members of our Facebook Page and Facebook Group see daily posts of Heather Cox Richardson’s commentaries “Letters from an American,” weekly posts of Jessica Craven’s (“Chop Wood, Carry Water”) good news list “Extra! Extra!,” and Indivisible National’s weekly list of “To-Dos.”

Now you’ll also see opinion pieces from a number of other authors are appearing on our Facebook feeds. These include Simon Rosenberg, Robert Hubbell, Robert Reich, David Pepper, Timothy Snyder, Dan Rather, Dan Pfeiffer, Joyce Vance, and New York Times columnist Jamelle Bouie. You will not see these writers together in any other place, so I encourage you to join up – see below.

As always, we continue to post announcements of our public meetings, actions such as phone banking and postcard campaigns, and events such as rallies and marches that we’re cosponsoring.

If you’re not already seeing these Facebook posts, it’s easy to join.Click here to follow our Facebook Page (followers do not post), and here to join our Facebook Group (members can post). As the election season continues, we hope you'll find these posts interesting, inspiring, and helpful.
Our redesigned and reorganized website is now up and running with a great new look! We've added photos and updated several pages so information is current and accessible.

Thanks again to volunteer Nora Brown for creating the new design, and Steering Committee members Amy Gates, Larry Pareles, Pat Bukowski, and Seth Wilpan for their help in bringing the new website into being. If you haven’t visited the site recently, take a look at

Comments and suggestions are welcome – write to me, Michael, and let me know what you think.
Indivisible New England Digest:
National Workshop, Webinar & Call Calendar

We are fortunate to have Judy Stadtman as our Indivisible National regional organizer. Judy is the liaison between the national organization and local groups in CT-MA-ME-NH-VT.  She does an incredible job keeping IN-SLWM connected to and supported by Indivisible National.

In addition to her insightful contributions, Judy maintains an up-to-date blog that features regional campaigns and actions we can participate in. We encourage you to visit her blog at Indivisible New England Digest: National Workshop, Webinar & Call Calendar.

Judy is incredibly active and responsive to our needs. She is eager to lend a hand and hear from anyone who seeks her advice or guidance. If you have any questions or would like to connect with her, please don't hesitate to email her at She looks forward to hearing from you!

This section of our newsletter features articles written by one of our subscribers and an article or two selected by our steering committee. Subscribers to the newsletter are welcome to submit writing by email to with the subject line "Newsletter Submission".  
The opinions expressed in the writings are those of the author(s) and don't necessarily reflect any consensus of Indivisible Northampton-Swing Left Western MA.

ICYMI - Videos From the Archive
Videos of previous meetings are now available on our website:

ICYMI – Indivisible Northampton – Swing Left Western MA
413 Staying Connected
Rise Up Western Mass Indivisible
Indivisible Mass Coalition and the Indivisible Mass Coalition Newsletter
Swing Blue Alliance 
Massachusetts Peace & Justice Network 
Swing Left
Western MA Medicare For All

That Zen saying is also the name of a daily email from activist and Substack columnist Jessica Craven. On weekdays she offers a bunch of actions for subscribers to take, such as phoning senators and representatives – often with different scripts for Democratic and Republicans – about issues needing their attention. On the weekends, she highlights items from the news that are encouraging, under the headline “Celebrate This!” Here’s the link to her substack page.
If you’re not already subscribed to either our Facebook Page or group, consider joining! We share daily posts from political historian-commentator Heather Cox Richardson, occasional posts from other sources such as Robert Reich and Robert Hubbell, announcements of our public Zoom meetings, and opportunities for action. To follow our Facebook Page (followers do not post) , click here. To join our Facebook Group (members can post), click here. Both receive all IN-SLWM announcements and the daily Richardson posts.
Trouble Joining the Meeting?

When you click the link in your confirmation email, a Zoom page will open in your web browser and the Zoom app will open.

If the Zoom app does not open, here are a few things you can try. You will need to know the meeting id, which is embedded in the address of the Zoom page that opened. On the page that opened in the browser, in the address bar you'll see an address that looks something like this:

The meeting id is the number nestled between the w/ and the ?, as highlighted.
  1. Open the Zoom app, click on "Join a Meeting", then enter the meeting Id. The password is included in the confirmation email.
  2. If that doesn't work, browse to zoom.usand follow the same steps as above
If that doesn't work,see if you can find an answer here

Elected Officials

Office Name Email Phone Twitter
US Senate Elizabeth Warren 413-788-2690 @SenWarren
US Senate Ed Markey 617-565-8519 @SenMarkey
US House Jim McGovern 413-341-8700 @RepMcGovern
US House Richard Neal 413-747-0604 @RepRichardNeal
State Senate Jo Comerford 617-722-1532 @Jo_Comerford
State Senate Anne Gobi 617-722-1540 @AnneGobi
State Senate Paul Mark 413-464-5635  
State Senate Jacob Oliveira 413-206-6524  
State Senate John Velis 413-572-3920 @SenJohnVelis
State House Natalie Blais 413-362-9453 @repblais
State House Lindsay Sabadosa 413-270-1166 @SabadosaMA
State House Daniel Carey 413-529-4286  
State House Mindy Domb 413-335-1362 @MindyforMA
State House Susannah Whipps 413-529-4286 @Rep_Carey
Legislator Not Listed? Click Here

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