We’re excited to announce that we have joined the NEWS-MAGIC  (News of MA Grassroots Information Center). It works through a Slack workspace where we can enter our news, upcoming events, etc, which then gets organized into an online calendar that we can then filter as we see fit (by activities, by groups, etc). The News-MAGIC.org calendar is then accessible to us and all the other groups involved.  It works to  publicize our work to other progressives across the state, keep us and our members informed about what other groups are doing, and to help provide content/info for our own newsletters, etc.

News-MAGIC was designed by activists for activists. It is, of course, completely free. The steering committee includes Susan Labandibar (Swing Blue Alliance), Christine Brown and Shaw Yang (Indivisible Acton Area), Lisa Baci (Minuteman Indivisible) and Larry Pareles (Indivisible Northampton) 

Join the Slack workspace where Susan, Christine, and the rest of the team will give you a warm welcome. Or attend the weekly intro session, which is held every Wednesday at noon.

Join the Slack workspace
RSVP for the intro session

Here are links to calendars that list upcoming events filtered by
Sponsoring Groups (i.e. Swing Left, Swing Blue Alliance)
Type of Activity (i.e., texting, phonebanking, etc.)
All the information you need to plug in and get busy, all in one place!





Seth Wilpan

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