IN-SLWM is organized around teams of volunteers focused on specific tactics of political action or on specific issues.

Most teams are led by members of the Steering Committee, who help them fulfill their mission. If you are interested in joining a team, click on the name of the Steering Committee member to send an email asking to join or to get more information. If you’d like to start a new team, please contact any Steering Committee member so we can help you make it happen!

Climate Team

Steering Committee member: Michael Dover

The Climate Team volunteers receive a weekly email digest of climate actions that they can take from home, such as signing petitions to decision makers, writing comments to regulators about projects that affect climate, emailing elected officials about climate issues, or similar activities. The digest also gives information about local in-person climate actions such as marches and rallies.

Letters to the Editor (LTE) Team

Steering Committee member: Larry Pareles

The LTE Team volunteers meet every two weeks to discuss issues for Letters to the Editor for our local newspapers. We decide about valuable topics, agree who will author the letters, and jointly review and edit them. Our already-published letters are on our Members Write page, and we encourage people to adopt and modify them, and send them to their own local papers.

Phone Banking Team

Steering Committee member: Beth Lev

Phone Banking Team volunteers meet weekly over Zoom to call voters in swing states and districts around the country, to urge them to vote in important elections, inform them about critical issues, or to gather information about voter opinions for local progressives. We collaborate with a variety of other national organizations and create community while saving democracy together. Training is always provided, and all are welcome.

Postcarding Team

Steering Committee member: Marta Lev

Postcarding volunteers prepare postcards to voters in swing states and districts around the country with messages about specific campaigns or important issues, encouraging them to register and vote. Postcards are picked up in Northampton or Amherst. IN-SLWM usually underwrites the cost of the actual postcards and mailing labels. In addition, there are often subsidies to support the cost of stamps, as needed, to make participation accessible.

Canvassing Team

Steering Committee member: Amy Gates

In congressional and presidential campaign years, IN-SLWM volunteers travel to southern New Hampshire and eastern New York to canvass in support of Democrats. New York’s CD-19 seat is currently held by a MAGA Republican, although the district voted for Biden in 2020. New Hampshire’s CD-02 is represented by Democrat Annie Kuster in a secure seat, but the state government is currently under Republican control. We expect to send canvassers to both states in 2024. In active campaign years only.

Vote Forward Letter-Writing Team

Steering Committee member: Michael Dover

Vote Forward conducts Get Out the Vote letter-writing campaigns for major campaigns, including key special elections and state races, as well as presidential and congressional contests. IN-SLWM volunteers have prepared and mailed thousands of letters for many campaigns. We expect to write for the Virginia legislative elections in fall of 2023, and for many campaigns in 2024. In active campaign years only.

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