Resources During Covid

Resources for Activism on-line during covid-19

This is a challenging and uncertain time.  Now is when we need community and organizing more than ever.  Here are some ways to help out now, while still practicing good and safe social distancing.  

There are many ways to take action safely from home!  Here are some good ways:

  • U.S. Census:  Complete your Census forms, to protect funding and support to the states.  It is only done once every 10 years, and it only takes about 10 mins. online:
  • Go to Vote Forward.  Here we can download letters to write to voters in multiple districts, asking them to register, confirm their registration, write for write-in ballots, and other very easy actions.  All these require is pen and paper, envelopes and stamps, and our dedication.  
  • Visit for ideas. They have multiple ways to get more involved.  
  • Campaign on-line to help with progressive Senate campaigns:
  • Texting with Indivisible:   Using IndivisiText, we can sign up to do peer-to-peer texting with Indivisible.
  • Vote by mail campaign:  Urge voters to sign up for voting by mail:
  • Register Voters:   Remind your friends, family, and social media networks to register to vote!  
  • MoveOn is starting a texting team:  Join here:
  • DemCast Trainings:   Watch upcoming trainings on various organizing topics.

Ensuring Safe, Secure Elections During the COVID-19 Outbreak

Take action to demand your members of Congress and state officials act now to build alternatives to in-person voting by developing and funding vote-by-mail systems before the November election.Voting during the epidemic:  Legislators are thinking about how to protect our elections during this pandemic. Indivisible posted information on ways to support the bill by Senators  Klobuchar and Wyden to protect our elections.
and these articles at these links discuss key issues.