Vote “Yes” on Question #2 to ensure that dental insurance companies pay for dental care.  

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We are voting on four ballot questions this year. I’m writing to recommend we vote “Yes” on Question #2, which requires that insurance companies spend our dollars on actual dental care, instead of executive salaries, corporate profits, and administration. I think patient dollars should be spent on patient care.  

A “Yes” vote on Question #2 would require dental insurance companies to spend at least 83% of our premiums on member dental expenses. And it would protect against increases in dental premiums above the CPI, unless approved by the state.  

My own dental plan has high premiums and lots of deductibles. I would feel better knowing that most of the dollars which I send to the insurance company will pay for real dental care and not for company profits.

In Massachusetts, our medical insurance companies are required to spend a similar percent of premiums on actual medical care. It’s time that dental insurance companies are regulated to the same standards as our medical plans, to prevent insurance companies from taking advantage of us.  

This measure is endorsed by the Mass. Dental Society and other local dental groups, and by the American Dental Association, who feel that dental insurance should pay for dentistry. 

To illustrate the current problem, Delta Dental spent $177 million on patient care in 2019. But it sent $291 million in profits to its parent company that year. That’s not right. 

By requiring that more premium dollars are spent on patient care, this rule can reduce costs for patients and make dental care more affordable for us all.  

Please vote “Yes” on Question #2. Thank you.